Idk if this is a bad thing or not

Hi I’m very new to the episode community and I was wondering is it bad to go to ALOT different people for each art scene like each art scene a new artist ? I really like art and I wanted varieties on my story . I know it’s a stupid question


I don’t think its dumb. I think if anything i would be kinda cool!

As long as isn’t the same exact thing, I think it’s fine. A lot of different art styles is a good thing to have.

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Yeah I thought it would be cool .But it’s not the same art scene I have a few couples and I have art scenes multiple times through the season for them .:blush:

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Yea, I don’t see anything wrong with. Your just adding art from a variety of different authors. Which I think is kinda cool. Plz let me know when you publish your story (if you want)!

I think it’s great as long as each one is doing something different. It adds more variety to your story and also can show appreciation to the artists. I make art scenes and covers and all that and I don’t mind is someone goes to another artist for something

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single piece of art

Thank you and of course i will :grinning::grinning:

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Thank you I’ll just make sure to let them know I go to multiple people and from there they can agree to create one for me .