Idk what title I should give to my story🆘!

Sooo I decided to participate in the reveal contest but I can not find a title for my story and I was hoping for your help.

The plot goes like this: 2 years of war suddenly stops bc an old prophecy has been completed: a very clever boy (the chosen one) with purple eyes and magic powers came and took the country lead as an autocrator. 7years passed after that and for some reason, the citizens lost all of their memories (from those 7 years) and all of the documents and videos have been deleted except one that introduces the five worlds (autocracy on earth with the autocrator named fear, underworld, Skyland, etc) Anyway, the story focuses on 2 women that are trying to find out some secrets about the autocrator (like if he is behind of all of those, etc) but one of them ends up captured…

The genres are: drama, thriller, and fantasy

Some of the titles that I found are 5th leader, last of his blood… Well those 2 but idk…

Please help!!


Hm… Maybe:
Voice of the Chosen
Mystery in the Years
Women of the Truth
Kingdom of Lies
Forgotten City
Tibute to Truth

Lol these were what I could come up with. Feel free to use any of these!

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What about these?
The Lilac Eyes
7 years later

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  • Hope in Violet
  • Violet Dream

Stay Safe :disco:

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The prophecy
Silent whipers

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I dunno. But that’s sounds really interesting. Send me the link or tag me once it’s out. Thanks!

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  • chosen
  • Untamed magic (this one is weird but yeah)
  • The return
  • Sins
  • Dead ends (a Wattpad user suggested to me this one so if you wanna use it!)
    Aren’t the best but yep
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@sun_ray.episode @Alex.R @Angel_wings21 @AbbyH Thank you so much for your help, the titles that you found are truly inspiring!!!


Thank you so much! I will surely inform you, I will publish it 5th of October :wink:

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