Idk what to read

Can anyone please recommend some stories


U want some stories u want to read

Genre? At least?

  • Framed
  • Not interested
  • Without you
  • The good cop, bad delinquent
  • I despise you
  • Chicago bound ----> My favorite


Any genre

Lol have read all of these

really? :open_mouth:

Well I have been reading on episode since 2015

Those stories are old? :thinking: :open_mouth: I thought they were new :joy: ummm let me think… The girl is mine

Hey check out my story: Silent Killer

I can assure you it’ll be worth the read :wink:
Please give a shot! @l.3pisode

Ok, I will :grin::joy:

I can assure you you will love it!!!

Silent kill by Rohit V. ?


It has received a lot of positive feedback, and I worked really hard on it :tired_face:

The description seems cool, the cover too

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I’ll give it a go thanks for recommending

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Fantasy :
The watchers (ink, cause there are more episodes than LL)
Pine Hollow: Hex of the Three
One of the Girls (amberose)
Psychology 101 College Days (Annie Edison)
Diary of a Troublemaker (Toriah)
Sci-fi Romance:
Alien Lover (Anyanka)
Galactic Game (Lucky)
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Anatomy of Life
Her Innocence
The Dark Prince

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Thanks for recommending

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