Idle in between animations


@/KAY walks to spot 0.218 92 386 in 2 AND KAY does it while surf_crowd_loop AND KAY faces right THEN CHEY is run_fall AND KAY walks to spot 0.218 102 361 in 1 AND KAY does it while surf_crowd_loop THEN KAY is stand_up THEN KAY is hop_fast THEN KAY is idle_sit_slouch AND KAY faces right
In this freakishly long line of code, in between the second surf_crowd_loop and stand_up, the character KAY does idle for a bit before stand_up. Does anyone know how to get rid of that little bit?


Try using “starts” instead of “does it while” in the surf animation. I’m not sure it’ll work but I think it could


Thank you! I’ll try it out!


Sadly, it did not work :frowning: thank you for your help though!!


try change the time for walking option


What do you mean?


try to changed it to 1.9 or 2.0


thank you it worked!