Idle_wounded animation


The idle_wounded animation isn’t working on my phone or tablet.

When I’m reading my story through, this animation isn’t working. In places the character should be doing this, they’re just standing idle. Both are Samsung devices. My phone is a Samsung galaxy S7 and my tablet I think is a Samsung galaxy tab S2. The previewer doesn’t work for me so don’t know if it works there. Both character’s are female and apart from some backgrounds pending approval, there are no errors in my script.

They’re chapters pending publish and this animation was working before, but now has just stopped?

Is this just me?


It’s ink. Oddly though, added @pause for 0.1 just before and it works. Very odd :thinking:


May I know if you used idle_wounded as your last line in the script and after this line there was nothing while previewing it?? @amepisode


Oh, it’s fixed now, thank you x


Hey!! I got to know that it is fixed but wanted to tell you that if you use an animation in the last line and there are no conversations after that, it won’t show you in the preview! So that’s why it worked when you used @pause for a beat Anyways, Have a good day.


Oh I can’t use the previewer :joy: it crashes my laptop. I was viewing on my phone and tablet. But it wasn’t the last line, it was after they said a sentence and during someone else speaking. It was very odd.


Oh I’m not used to mobile creator so I don’t know what might have happened. So maybe that was odd :joy: If you have some other problems watch mobile creator tutorials on youtube :grinning:


Oh I do write my stories on the portal (Not mobile creator) just can’t read them back on the previewer. But it seems it was just a temporary glitch with the animation not showing for female characters. Thanks anyway x