IDON'TKNOW'S Official Splash and Cover Thread! *OPEN*


Hey guys! I make splashes! If you need one just reply below and I’ll gladly help you out :smiley: You can credit me @IDONTKNOW
Please don’t use the examples below, I’ll make you one on my own.



They’re really beautiful :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Thanks :blush:


No problem :two_hearts::two_hearts:


could you make me a mature themes/strong language splash for my story Dark Desires by any chance?


Sure can you describe the background type you want?


dark flowers with the words kind of popping out… if that’s doable


I’ll try my best


Thank you so much!


Here you go:


Make sure to credit me @IDONTKNOW


I definitely will thank you so much! It’s beautiful!


Thank you :smile:


What did you use to make it look amazing?


Some online art software. I’m on my phone right now so I don’t know which one


I used sketchpad


Hi! I’d like to get some splahses, if you’d like to make them, it’d be great! Your work is really good. I’d give you all credit. Thank you :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart:


Sure! What would you like?


I’d like a “mature themes one”, “this story uses sound” with a cute pink really chic background and my character in the front like the examples, in limelight. It would be greatly appreciated. :blush:


Sure can you give the characters details?