If a story was based on a true story would you want to read it more?

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  • No

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But yes, idk if I would want to read it more but I would read it.

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Ok sorry guys! I was being really old! I have updated it. It was my first time sorry :woman_facepalming:t3::older_woman:

In general “based on a true story” is a marketing device that I just don’t buy. With Episode stories in particular I find that “based on a true story” tends to mean based on the writers life which is rarely interesting as most people have a super warped perspective on their own lives, they create insanely irritating self insert perma-victim MCs, and fallow up any criticism of their work with “but it really happened to me in real life so it can’t be unrealistic” or “that character is based on my friend so if you call them annoying you’re calling my friend annoying”. Like, just because you recounted something that supposedly actually happened doesn’t mean you told a compelling story and maybe you’re bad at portraying your friends in stories. This isn’t always the case, I’m sure, but I’ve seen it enough to be turned off to the “based on a true story” label.


It works for me

100% YESS! I find that stories based on a true story are very interesting

Generally…not really, no. I mean, I think you can take some inspiration from your own life to help enhance your stories, but for me that means something kind of specific. Like, a trans MC written by a trans author or an autistic MC written by an autistic author can add a lot of depth to characters and their relationships with others that might otherwise be missing. But it should still be something that provides insight and makes the character more relatable to others rather than a narration of your own life. Likewise, if you have a specific skill or profession that is relevant to the story, that’s another place you can add insight. If you’ve had times where you and another person were able to connect and set / respect boundaries you might find inspiration in that for how you develop the dynamics between your characters (I’m using that example bc I would love to see more characters in episode stories explicitly discuss their expectations and needs in their various relationships lol). Or authors often draw on their feelings and experiences when depicting the struggle of mental health issues, but they aren’t necessarily telling you what specifically happened to them, which I think is the most effective way to go about it.

But that kind of inspiration should be used to enhance what’s already there. Reading a story that’s clearly about an authors high school boyfriend or their inside jokes with their own friends can be a bit tedious. Of course, you should write what you want rather than what you think everyone else wants, but eh. Unless you’re a secret assassin or have been abducted by aliens, life’s probably not that interesting. Mine certainly isn’t.


Theres some good POV on here :grinning:
I’m glad I made this thread :+1:t2:

It really depends. Did it happen to you or is it a story you know? What happens in it?

Not really, maybe if there was some fiction in it :woman_shrugging: I’ve read stories based on true stories and they were really boring and had no excitement whatsoever. It’d be really hard to change my mind on reading a story based on a true story. So, no I wouldn’t read a story based on a true story.

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It was just a question I thought I would raise.
You have to have some level of things happening to be able to make your story in my opinion, You cant just have nothing happen to make a story out of it. It has to be something out of the normal growing up experience I guess?

Are you responding to me?

It definitely wouldn’t make me want to read the story more, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t read it. I actually think I’d prefer not to know though? I read one story which was based on an author’s experience (with embellishments), but she kept adding author notes about how she reacted and blah, blah and I dunno… when I read on Episode I kind of like to escape reality? lol. But that’s me, personally.

I personally have a story that’s pretty interesting and maybe one day I’ll write a story based on it (with embellishments), but for various reasons, I don’t think I’ll ever admit it’s based on a true story lol