If And else Error! :( help?!

I keep changing else and continue getting the same error. I need the choice to be remember, but every time I change and fix it it says it’s wrong.
Someone help :frowning: :confused:


Choice gonna get remembered.

if (label1) {
#scene for if in here
} elif (label2) {
#scene for elif in here
} else {
#scene for else in here

Back to main storyline

it looks like you added an extra bracket on line 97. If this wasn’t it, then it’s line 118. :grin:

Yeah i agree they should remove the } on line 97 and leave the } on line 118 if that scene occurs in else


So remove the one on 118 and leave everything else the same?

I removed the one on 118, it still says error.

I think the bracket on line 116 is facing the wrong way

I removed it completely? Now it’s only the 96 one

Well there’s nothing written in the new brackets so maybe that’s why there’s still an error?

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I thought else had to be on its own ? Lol I’m not sure I’m about to remove it

Could just put @pause for 0

else needs to be on its own when its written (no name next to it), so:


like that

HOWEVER you can include a scene in it.

#scene here

#continue story

I recommend for you to read more about if/elif/else here:

Hey I came across your error here:


So, after seeing the full screenshots, I’d suggest to follow this guide:

if/elif/else should be used to remember choices down the road.

p.s Also remove “Hold his hand” on line 71.

Anyways, after seeing everything, to sum it up, you’d get something like:

Yeah, he put a tracker on my phone.

choice (Date_Nick)
“I would love to.”{
#scene for I would love to here
}“I can’t.”{
#scene for I can’t here
#continue story

#And then later on in script for remembering it:

if (Date_Nick is “I would love to.”){
#scene for remembering I would love to here
#scene for I can’t here.
#continue story

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Thank you! I’ll try it out and see!

Cool, let me know how it goes :+1:

I will not rest until this has been solved :joy: :blob_hearts:

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just to be clear… so i dont mess up.
ill put the choices and add the scenes into them…
so down the line, i use the if and else… example for an extra scene?

in if the scene for remembering the first choice will occur and in elif the scene for remembering the second choice will occur.

if (Date_Nick is “I would love to.”){
Nick, I’m glad I went on that date with you.
Me too, girl.
#bla, bla, bla… (can write more in this for remembering the “I would love to” choice)
Sorry I couldn’t go on that date with you Nick.
It’s OK, I found someone else.
#bla bla bla… (can write more in this for remembering the “I can’t” choice)

#continue story where the storyline merges back to main

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