If anybody needs background, You can ask me

If not also it’s okay. :heart::heart::slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope you have Instagram! Mines ray_writes_episodes
I have a few ideas I need for backrounds!

@Rainee_Episode I am really sorry I Don hav Instagram or social media…

Hope u can send it here…

I was thinking of some backgrounds for my my next story including…
-A military base ( can just be a big office or whatever)
-Restaurant backround (there isn’t much options on the episode backrounds)

  • some hospital backrounds
    Im not sure what else yet but if you do some backrounds it would mean A LOT
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Of course. First I will do this 3 for u and if u like it u can send more. I will do it 4 u.

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Here ya go.


DO u like it?

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Some restaurant backgrounds.

Here yoy go. If u like these and want more background feel free to ask me. :heart::heart::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! I would like a bedroom background which is like a modern style and the character its for is a guy in his like mid twenties so smth like mature kind of room and he’s average rich so nothing to fancy. I know my specifications are soo specific so I understand if you can’t do it but thanks for this thread it’s awesome and such a help! :two_hearts:

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I will definitely do for u. If u want more background just msg me. Fell free to msg me.
I will definitely start working after 10 mts. Now I am eating. :heart::heart:

Do u have any paint or colour preference?


This is one of my sample. If u want some more feel free to ask me.

Yeah I’d like some more please

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Yeah i mean like Starbucks

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Here ya go do u need more forest?

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I shall give more cafe.

Only if you have any more forest. And these are good.

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