If anyone need an overlay cover or overlay scene

Hi I can make overlays of your character if you would like . I use Amanda’s Ea in Instagram

Example of my work :

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Hi, are you still making overlays?

I have a few overlays I tried to make but the quality is really bad and there’s a white outline over the overlays that I want to get rid of.

gray face no eyes



If you are can you PLEASE do this for me I’d be so grateful :tired_face:

U want me to remove the white outline or redo everything for you if so please give the characters details and what pose u want them to make

Thanks for replying!
You can just do what you prefer, whether that’s making it from scratch or removing the white outline.

The color of the arm and hand overlay is: light
The character details for the body and head overlay is:
body color: dark
eyebrow: bushy wide
hair: styled corn rows
hair color: black
eyes: gentle almond
eye color: white
face shape: defined triangle
nose: button
lip shape: uneven
lip color: dark

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The pose I want for the dark male isn’t actually an episode animation it’s more of the talk shrug but the other arm is normal, that’s why I cut that arm out when I tried to make the overlay.

The scene I’m directing looks like this

I want his face to look like he’s worried I guess if that’s a pose lol.

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Is he scared like his being pulled away

He’s worried while looking at the tattoo

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I’m not in a rush but when do you think you’ll get it done lol

Anytime is fine though honestly I don’t mind x

INK only?

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Ll too

I’ll start right now

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Alrightt thank youu

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I’m not sure how long these sorts of things take but I don’t want to keep pestering you either lol when do you think the it’ll be done so I can just come back then x

It’ll be done around midnight today . I’ll try to finish it early but I have school and homework’s to do

That’s completely fine I honestly don’t mind just wanted to know when x

Sorry my tablet is going on

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It’s okayy just let me know when you can get it done but don’t inconvenience yourself I don’t have a deadline x

Hi sorry again for pestering you but is it finished? x