If anyone needs a writing partner, or help writing, I am available

Hello all.

If anyone needs a writing partner, I can help! Just shoot me a message :smile:


How good are you with coding and things?

I need a writing partner, are the offer still available?

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Absolutely! Message me any details and we can get started!

Me too.

Just message me details on what I can help you on :slight_smile:


I need a writing partner if you’re interested or the offer is still open, its my first story. I have a bunch of ideas I think a second person would really fine tune the story!


I’d love to help! Just shoot me a message :slight_smile:

I’m in need of a writing partner if the offer is still open. This is a second story I’m currently working on.

hi umm I know it’s kinda weird but I need a writing partner too lol

I’ve got some good ideas and I partially don’t suck at coding so dm me if you’re interested

Hi, are you still looking for a writing partner? I’d love to do so!

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Hi guys! I’m in desperate need of a co-author. I have already bought a cover as well!

My friend and I were supposed to make this story together but she doesn’t really seem that interested if I’m being quite honest. I suggested the whole episode writing idea and now I suspect she’s only doing it to please me. I’d love to find someone who’s truly passionate about making a story and won’t give up after the first try. I’ve already bought a cover as well. If you’re interested pls respond and I’ll go through the details with you in private :slight_smile:

I’m interested! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Hi pls give me your ig so I can message you privately :slight_smile:

Hey there. I need several writers for a book. please get in touch with me to discuss more.

Yo! I need a partner or two too!! We can work together and I have a few ideas for stories
Please contact me in my ig: @sarah.m8160

I’m desperate y’all

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what is it about?

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could be my writing partner, I’m sorta new to this and I would love it if someone would be my partner! Just reply to me on here and we can start! Or you can email me, I’m getting Instagram soon!

I need writing partner I don’t want mass up sent you my email address mleshell80@gmail.com.ok let do on email address first ok I don’t post anything let ok.work with ok best let do this email so more help I know I got it right.