If Anyone Needs A Writting Partner I'm Your Girl

i will help anyone who needs a writting partner
i will take on more than one person


I can contribute

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so do you need a partner or do you want to help people who need a writting partner

I need a writing partner I also like to make friends

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i’ll be sure to help you out

Ok do you want to be my friend

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My story is called A Captive Life please check it out

Cool we can talk on here if you want I don’t mind because some people don’t have Twitter or hangouts

Sure I will I’m working on my first story

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yeah it went up 3 days ago and i’m super excited

Oh cool I guess we can talk on here

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we can create a private chat if you want

Yeah let’s do that

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are you willing to have more than one writing partner

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yeah i’m willing to write with anyone

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that good to hear because I just started a new story and would love an input of ideas an feedback and aam willing to do the same

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ok just Pm me and i we can get started