If Anyone Needs A Writting Partner I'm Your Girl

no sadly i don’t do cover design but i have a friend who does

What’s your friends name? Although, you don’t do cover design, If you wrote some of it that’d be awesome!

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the magic turtle art official shop

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Thanks! I’ll be sure to check them out! It’d be a great contribute to my story!

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no problem

I have the link if you need it.:wink: The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop

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Hi, I’m looking for a writing partner…
The story that I’m working on is called ‘Romance of the night’.
At the moment I have 24 episode online, but my inspiration is a little bit lost…
Can you help me?


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hey can i be the artist

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I’m working on my first story and I’m having a lot of problems with coding and directing and it would be really helpful to have someone with me. Will you co write with me?

Do you make cover art? I really need some art pieces for my story. PM me if you do

i will be more than happy to help you all out but unfortunately i don’t do cover art but i do know someone who does if you would like to be an artist for me i would really appreciate it please send me through some examples i do have an art scene artist however and i will not replace her

I’m looking for feedback on one of my stories that just went up a couple of days ago, anyone think they can help?

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i can whats it called hon

bang it or gang it

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ok i will check it out now

ok its great that you are letting people customize but i think you should only do 2 episodes of customization as it can disinterest the readers

thank you for your feedback, episode 4 will be out on thanksgiving hopefully!

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ok thats great

i can try so you want me to make a cover

Thank you so much for replying but I have already found someone.