If Anyone Needs A Writting Partner I'm Your Girl


ok i will check it out now


ok its great that you are letting people customize but i think you should only do 2 episodes of customization as it can disinterest the readers


thank you for your feedback, episode 4 will be out on thanksgiving hopefully!


ok thats great


i can try so you want me to make a cover


Thank you so much for replying but I have already found someone.


Hi, I’ve been looking for a writting partner so do you have instagram that we can talk over there, I’m really in need for this, please respond if you willing to help!


hi i don’t have Instagram im afraid


Hi, I’m interested in writing a story with you. I’m new to this. If the position is still open I would like to try,

Thank you


sure thing just pm me and we can get started




Pm me and we can see if i can help


I just did. :slight_smile:


Are you able to do book covers? I am going to do one story on Light In the Dark that I will be writing soon. And I don’t know how to do book covers. I’m new here. I hope you can help. We can help each other. I Only know how to do coding and writing. But that’s all.


I need a writing partner


ok what type of story are you looking at writing


What do you want to write


om me and we can plan




Also i love Doki Doki Literature Club