If anyone needs help

Hello everyone
I am an author on episode.
And I wanted to help people who just started writing their story.
Cause I know how the struggle is in the beginning with writing
So if anyone needs help.
Just ask me and I will be happy to help


Hi i just wanted to say thank you for your help but i need help with a error message it says unexpected sequence you cannot use a directer command starting with a @

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i might be able to help, could you please send the coding?

How do I do that it says I cant put a image in a post

Do you have instagram.
So I could contact you there.
And so you would get the chance to send me the pictures of it :grin:

Yes I do it is The__only_brianna

you click reply, and then above the message, there are some icons, you click on the one that looks like an image and then attach a screenshot

I need help with how to shoot the gun and how to place my charters and make them face a right and left thank you for your help.

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Remove the (draw_gun) on line 34.

Here’s what you can do:

@add Handgun to EMBER
@EMBER is draw_gun

To face right or left, you do one of the following:

@EMBER is draw_gun AND EMBER faces right
@EMBER is draw_gun AND EMBER faces left

Would you like me to explain to you how to place characters or do you get the whole concept?

I get how to face the charters thank you but how do I make them shoot the gun

There’s an animation shoot_gun_angry.

Oh, I actually get what you mean.
I needed to re-read your problem. :sob:
Silly me!!

To shoot a gun, you:
@EMBER is shoot_loop

It says the prop handgun does not exist for that character

You need to capitalize the ‘H’.

Ok thank you so much

No problem!! :pleading_face: :hibiscus:
Sorry about the confusion I gave.

I really do need help I’ts my first time :upside_down_face:

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Welcome to the community!! :sparkles:

I can help you. :slight_smile:

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Thank u :relaxed:
I want to know how to use the props like…if u can give me an example.

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Of course! :hibiscus:

Here’s how to add props:

To remove props:
@remove [PROP NAME] from CHARACTER

Do you know how to find the props?

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