If code not working

I don’t know if I posting it in the right place I am sorry If I am not

It’s the first time that I am using the if/else code
I don’t get any error but when I testing the story it’s not play the choice scenes it’s just jump to the end of the chapter.
Can any one help me with it?

Thread to check out: DARA’S GUIDE: Remember Choices with if/elif/else

Sometimes some stuff, like CC templates won’t work if you want to remember a choice and then do an if/elif/else statement. Can read in the link provided above.

Don’t forget to reset your gains (which are also called flags) if you use them in order to test out other options:

Also, if you’re still stuck, can you show your coding? If you’re not comfortable posting it here, you can PM me.


Thank you so much it works

No problem :wink:

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