If/elif code help needed!

Hi! In episode 6 of my story the reader had to choose an outfit that she’d still have to wear in episode 6. Now my if/elif/else code didn’t give me any errors, but when I test it in app the outfit automatically generates to the last outfit choice (in this case the second one because I only gave them two options) When I go to the navigations the flags are BOTH in gold, is that how its supposed to be? here is the way I did it.

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Hi, you should follow this template:

Simple Dressing Game | Dara Amarie (dara-amarie.com)


if (OUTFIT_1 is “Outfit 1”) {

@SELENA changes into SELENA_oversized

} else {

@SELENA changes into SELENA_hoops

Also, keep in mind that gains do carry over, unless you use this command. Having two gains would be a problem, if you only want them to follow a certain path!

Yess tysm!

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