If/elif/else error

I’m not sure what’s wrong with the elif part of my if/elif/else.


Remove INT. VAN from lines 39, 47 and 55

Instead write it on line 57

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I just changed it to that but now but for some reason the background INT. VAN won’t show up

@pause for 0
&cut to zone 1

is worth a try. Make sure you spelled the background name correct and that your zoom is fine. After you save, replay the scene in your app. Actually, I had a glitch where my background didn’t show up at all, exiting out of the story and then coming back in helped. That glitch was annoying :joy:

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on line 58, you’re missing

AND NAME faces right

Oh my gosh that was the problem, I feel so dumb right now. :joy: Thanks for helping me though

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Closed: Marked as solved by thread op :v: