If/elif/else -only works for one outfit

so i have 3 outfits that the reader can choose from
outfit1 -ALL EYES ON YOU
outfit2 -SEXY IN RED
outfit3 -Plain Jane

and the two outfits in caps are gems, and later on in the script i use the if/elif/else code but it only words for the plan jane outfit. Who can help

this is my outfit script


@EMILIA previews outfit ALL EYES ON YOU

@EMILIA is blush_shy_atcamera AND CELESTE is react_shocked_gasp

    EMILIA (primp_brushhair_happy)
(This outfit is amazing!)

    EMILIA (primp_neutral)
I'm dressed to impress!

goto outfitgems



@EMILIA is undress_top

@EMILIA previews outfit SEXY IN RED

@EMILIA is flirt_shy AND CELESTE is react_holdface_happy

    EMILIA (talk_flirt_coy)

OMG! I look amazing.

CELESTE (talk_excited_happy)
Your going to be the center of the party with this.

goto outfitgems

} “Plain Jane” {

gain outfit_plainjane

@EMILIA is undress_top

@EMILIA previews outfit Plain Jane

CELESTE (talk_smile_happy_loop)
You look great.

@EMILIA is dustoff_neutral_loop

    EMILIA (think_rubchin)
( This is okay, but the others was breathtaking.)

goto outfit_confirm


label outfitgems

    EMILIA (think_rubchin)
Should I slay today in this outfit?

choice (outfit game)
“Yep! I look amazing!” {

    EMILIA (talk_flirt_charming)
Time to feel good while looking good.

goto continue

} “Nah… maybe I should reconsider…” {

    EMILIA (think_rubchin)
Hm... let me see those other outfits again.

goto choosing_outfit


label outfit_confirm

    EMILIA (think_rubchin)
Do I want to wear this today?

“Yep!” {

    EMILIA (talk_excited_happy)
I look great!

goto continue

} “No, let me see those other options again.” {

Nah, I should see the others again.

goto choosing_outfit


label continue


&EMILIA is idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop

if (OUTFIT_1 is “ALL EYES ON YOU”) {
@EMILIA changes into ALL EYES ON YOU

} elif (OUTFIT_1 is “SEXY IN RED”) {
@EMILIA changes into SEXY IN RED

} else {
@EMILIA changes into Plain Jane

Hope someone can help

OUTFIT_1 should be your choice name, but you didn’t name your choice

It should look like this:

choice (OUTFIT_1)

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It still won’t work, the if/elif/else only works on the plain jane outfit.

Can you post screenshots of your script?

Can you also include a screenshot of the choice?

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You didn’t name the choice. I believe that it should be like this:
choice (OUTFIT_1)
instead of just the word choice. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

You named the wrong choice. You need to name the outfit choice, not the choice after the outfits

so i did that but the if/elif/else only makes my character put the Plain Jane outfit on still

Did you name the correct choice this time and press save? Can you show that choice again so I can check you did it correctly?

Also, you have a space between RED and the quotation mark in your choice, but in the if/elif there is no space. Make sure you delete this space

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thank you so much, this has worked. thank you for taking your time and helping me :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You’re welcome! :grinning:

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