If/elif/else problem AGAIN :(

Hi everyone!
So I’ve been working on my story with the points system and stuff.
Could you please tell me what I did wrong here?

if (KEVIN > 1) {
@KEVIN spot 0.983 28 142 in zone 2
music music_peacefulstringpluck
readerMessage Well done! You have unlocked a bonus scene.
elif (KEVIN < 1) {
music juvie_seedy
readerMessage I’m sorry, but you don’t have enough relationship points for this scene.
else (KEVIN = 1) {
music juvie_seedy
YOU (deepbreath)
Ready to go.
Your help will be very appreacited. :relaxed:
Thank you, Vicky.

The else shouldn’t have a condition


Right! Thank you very much for your help :smile:

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Thanks for your help! :smile: