If/elif/else problem HELPP

Ok so i was writing a scene where a scene is seen only if the reader has enough points.
I wrote this :
if (HIM <5){
goto noart
goto yesart
@pause for 1
label yesart
@transition fade out
if (OUTFIT =1){
elif (OUTFIT =2) {
else {

then i have few ppl talking annd then i put the label noart
The error is : “Unexpected block end : did you forget the { which goes with the }, or forget to put the word choice at the start of this choice option ?”
The error is in the } in bold
Can someone help ?

@Dara.Amarie or @JemU776

You can’t just have the background name only inside of brackets. Add anything else like a pause or literally any other command under those background names.