If, elif, else problem

I’ve written all right…
For example
label teacher_outfit
Then i added the choice too as teacher_outfit
if (teacher_outfit is Outfit 1)
stuff here
elif (teacher_outfit is Outfit 2)
stuff here
else (teacher_outfit is Outfit 3)
stuff here

It appears only the third choice…why?!
i used gains and labels but it doesn’t work well, or if someone could explain me how gains work for multiple choices? Thanks anyway!

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Yes i’ve read it but it doesn’t work in my script :confused: idk why

What’s your gain names?

i had to redo like everything
So the gain for the outfits are:

  1. simple outfit
  2. teacher outfit 2
    3)teacher outfit 3

do i have to change something? I used the labels as well but it doesn’t work

Gains can’t contain spaces. Can you show your choice?

Sure :slight_smile:


Gains should be in dressing game, and the dressing game is wrong, you need a confirmation of each choice.

Here’s the sample of dressing game with gains:

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Also, the naming choice option won’t work with remembering outfits.

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It does work with outfits. The “name your choice” method works just like gains, except for the “gain” part of course lol.


Since you’re using the “naming the choice” method, you don’t need to use gains.

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Thank you so much! Also another question,if I write “do you like this outfit?” Etc. I’m afraid only one choice will appear,and not all the 3 choices…
I can’t explain I hope you’ve understand lol

You have a goto there so if the reader doesn’t like the outfit it will go back to a dressing game

So, i’ve tried as you did sending me the document “dressing game with gains” and it still appear the third choice even if i chose the second outfit…
Btw thanks for helping! you’re amazing, really

So what do i have to do?

Did you reset your story progress?

Yup, it all remains the same… :confounded:

(choice_name is “Option Name”)

What you put inside the quotes for the if/elif needs to match exactly what you have inside the quotes for your choice.

So if my choice is this:

choice (choice_name)
I’m So ExCITed!!!” {

I need to put exactly that inside the quotes for the if, even with all three exclamation points.

if (choice_name is “I’m So ExCITed!!!”)

You have a space after the number 1 in “Teacher Outfit 1” in the choice:

choice (teacher_outfit)
<PREMIUM> "Teacher Outfit 1 " {

You need to either remove that space, or add the space to the if/elif part

But i’ve done it


No, you still have a space between 1 and the quote