If,elif question

idk what is wrong and why I’m getting an error pls help.
if (OUTFIT_2 is “Red Rose”){
@DIANA changes into DIANA outfit 7

} elif (OUTFIT_2is “Gold Stripes”{
@DIANA changes into DIANA outfit 6

} elif (OUTFIT_2 is “Inked Lace”{
@DIANA changes into DIANA outfit 5

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You forgot a space here before “is” :slight_smile:

ahhh i didnt see that!
i changed it but its still not working?

Took a ss so it makes more sense

I’ll try it in a minute.

You put:




But the last choice in the if/elif/else sequence must be “else”.

You also forgot to close the ( bracket with a ) for the last two outfit choices.

I’m not a 100% sure but the else is supposed be the last one in the code. Elif is the middle. I’m taking a coding class and usually with if, elif, and else it’s supposed to be in that order.

thanks closing the brackets was what i was missing! I can’t believe I didn’t see it. Elif twice worked fine btw

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