If elif: tappable choices

I was wondering, I used tappable choices and it works perfectly but then in next episode i tried used if elif based on these choices its not working. Is it some specific coding for this?

Is it showing an error or just doesn’t look right?

Just doesn’t working.

maybe i show you script

@STAR changes into STAR_snake
} elif (STYLE1 is “STYLE_PINK”){
@STAR changes into STAR_pink
} elif (STYLE1 is “STYLE_RED”){
@STAR changes into STAR_simple
} else {
@STAR changes into STAR_default

is it something wrong with it? if elif to normal choices are working but not for tappable ones

With tappable choices it doesn’t work, you need to use gains

How to use it? What write to my MC change her clothes?

I can suggest you go on @Dara.Amarie’s site and look at this: DRESSING GAME WITH FLAGS
You just need to use tappables instead of the choices

Thank you sm!

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Can someone help me?

What do you need help with?

I used the dressing game from daraamarie but it keeps giving me an error. I have no idea why

The name of your outfit should replace OUTFIT_2 on line 673
And line 672 should be deleted

And it’s the same for the other outfits

Thank you!

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