If, elise, elif question

So in the previous episode I had the readers choose an outfit. In this episode I made a flashback scene, changing the outfits. I want to make the character change back to what she was wearing in the present (what the reader chose).
So my question is whats the code for remembering choices in between diff episodes?

PS I’ve used if, elise, elif before and it’s fine just don’t know how to apply it in between diff episodes.

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I know there’s probably a better way, but when I do dressing games, I use templates by @Dara.Amarie, which have points associated with outfits (eg MEETING =1, MEETING =2, etc; you’d need to create a new character). I then use these points if I need someone to change back to a previously chosen outfit.
For example, using the if, else, etc, I’d use those points eg:
if (MEETING =1) }
} elif (MEETING =2) {
etc. etc.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: Basically, just create characters and use points for individual outfits.

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It’s the exact same thing. There’s no difference between same or different episodes.


but its not making the character change its outfit in the preview?

Are you previewing on your computer? The portal doesn’t remember choices from previous episodes, so I would recommend previewing on your phone.

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wait so what if it was a choice that affected how the reader’s story played out? That wouldn’t show in the preview either?

As I said, you’ll need to test it out on your app since the portal doesn’t remember choices from previous episodes. If you want to test it out there, you could manually do everything (selecting flags, adding points, etc.).

But worry not, if you coded it correctly, the reader won’t encounter this problem since the app does remember choices.


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