If Elsa and Rapunzel were Black, which one would look different?

I am a person of color, and I have seen photos of it and Elsa wouldn’t be what we’d think her to be

Rapunzel would look black, Elsa would look to have Albinism.

The writers have said that Rapunzel’s powers caused Rapunzel’s hair color, and it’s evident that Rapunzel’s hair would turn brown in the black version if cut if realistically made by the Disney company including their original look and the abilities of their powers. Rapunzel’s hair would appear shorter, not 9-feet long like the writers said it was, it would still be that long however if you straightened it! But, if that curly, not so much. And her hair wouldn’t be easier on Flynn because the hair is sometimes more puffy, depending on the hair texture of black people Disney chooses to give her, I think it’d be the wavy one because it would show her hair length more.

Elsa? She’d look like a black albino. Her powers are the cause for her bodily color code; if she didn’t have them, she’d have the physical color code of her mother. Her hair would be brown, her eyes a darker blue, and a darker skin tone.

So, if she were black, she wouldn’t look like her black mother, she’d look the same. :confused:
It’d be a good representation of Albinism in a sense if you want looks. Albinos can have good eyesight, as sometime albinism, due to the lack of pigmentation in their eyes, can cause bad vision, and their eyes might not be straight (They could come out somewhat crossed-eyed.) so…she’d be an Albino because of her powers. Possibly not her genes, or her parents as her powers do come from magic. Her powers caused her skin tone; I think they said her eye color? I’m not sure, and her hair color, that’s why she doesn’t look like her parents in that sense. It should’ve been mentioned somewhere, but…maybe not.

Rapzunal’s hair color with her powers would be the same, but everything else would be black unless they chose to keep the green eyes, which some, but few, as green eyes are also pretty rare, black people would have.

Elsa, however, would look like an albino. Her facial features are the only parts of her that would show her to be a black woman.

I’m not saying this to push the “Light skin is better,” I’m stating these things on what I’ve looked up. Realistically, Elsa’s powers, if they wanted her black, wouldn’t have taken any effect on her appearance. I’m just saying that if they had kept the original ideas but wanted Elsa black, or if she was real, had powers, and was black, and everything about her powers had taken effect, she’d look like an albino. Not saying she’d be an albino by the condition itself.

I’ve seen black people with light skin; my mom is one, my grandmother, my aunt, etc.

We’re creole so we can have light skin, and my great-grandfather is white.


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