If Episode was a genie . . .?


If Episode was a genie and granted you 3 wishes in relation to the app, portal, or forums what would your wishes be?


My 3:
Separate our stories from the guides plzzzzzzz :sob::sob::sob:
Transfer outfits, like copy and paste, from story to story
Different age groups, toddlers, kids, and maybe preteens with appropriate animations

What about you?

  1. More classic stories
  2. Maybe a reccomended shelf, based of what stories you finished.
  3. Classic is featured

I like this topic btw
I also agree with your wishes!


My would be:

  1. That there would be different shapes and sizes like teen and all that

  2. Improve writing on the app because you can’t even make the characters go behind the school desk

  3. I would really love heterochromic eyes


Thanks! I really like the idea of #2 and I do miss classic <3


I really like the first one! Seeing a kid looks so funny


I know I don’t know why episode didn’t think when they started doing the app to make children teens etc. :joy::joy:


Yes to all! An improved app would be convenient for so many people.


I know I would love :sparkling_heart: for people to be able to do stuff like what you do on the writer portal


Especially clothing


Yeah, like don’t make premade outfits for me :joy: and give us more to work with


:joy::joy: it’s too much effort to do on the writer portal and there’s only 101 outfits on the app

  1. Delete stories off the app/un-publish them.
  2. have an option to select stories that appeal to you so Episode gives you an awesome list of recommendations (ex. zombies, murders, true love, etc) p.s tbh im so sick of bad boys and pregnant stories (just seeing them.)
  3. let us make background characters for all the stories (they let us use backgrounds for all our stories, so using characters across stories would rock.)
    Also, I love this episode genie question lol :sparkling_heart:


It’s not enough :hugs:


Really surprised they don’t have something simple and basic like a delete or unpublish option by now. Peeps having been ask for a while lol and thanks ^.^

  1. Dogs! I need dogs for one story I’ve had in mind for months!
  2. More genres
  3. Better ways to find new stories in the app, since it’s set up to really push the episode official stories over user ones


1.More body shapes
2.Errors fix them self automatically

  1. The ability to make your own assets!
  2. The ability to block stories from view.
  3. ‘-’ More body shapes for different ages >.<


Assests? As in props? Sorry lol


Haha, it’s okay. Assets as in clothing, animations, customization, etc.


Ooooh gotcha thanks. That’d be interesting to learn and do!