If Episode Was To Shut Down Everything. How Would You Feel?


How would you guys feel? For me, I would feel disappointed, and shocked. Everything that they put their hard work into, etc. I wanna hear from you guys. What’s your thoughts?


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thx sydney. :+1:


I would be really upset and shocked :sweat:




I would be “Big mad” my story isn’t finished. Also I would lose all the stories, I actually enjoy reading.


Now thats an epic victory royale :sunglasses:

Im kidding I like Episode dont bully me aaaaaaaaaa




I will be honest. I would burst into tears.


I put so much heart and soul into my story. There are so many pieces of me in my writing and for that to be taken away from me would be like having a piece of my heart torn out.


very true.


Yeah I did feel the same way when I considered quitting. I was actually very upset about it haha




Ahh no ! NO no no ! This would be a nightmare


I would be very sad!! I love reading!!


I would hunt the creator down.


big one!




It’s funny you made this post. Because I was thinking to do that in a scene as news episodes have shut down. The world has gone mad. There are people climbing and trying to get to the creator. But then didn’t because It would have been to many overlays and kay-ass to make.


lol agree.