If Everyone only had one talent


lol i’m at school now, and I’ll check out. about to switch classes




Probably writing.


I would like my talent to be to create futuristic items…


Nice! Me too! XD


Hmm that’s a tough question. If I could be good at only one such thing, I’d probably choose to be sweet. Like extra extra sweet. Since I am no sweet currently. :joy:


Thinking of a way to get a second talent of course…



I think I may have found another loop hole

The ability to learn other talents

There’s NO WAY you can fail at learning ;-;


You can _learn _ them, but you still can’t do them. You’d understand the concept of the talents, but you wouldn’t be able to do anything except understand them.



I’ll be back!




But you’ll also learn a talent of failing :no_mouth:


Oh, yes there was A LOT of conversation about that :joy:


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