If i added music to another scene and in the middle im trying to slowly make it fade during a choice how do i do that?


I currently added a new scene on my episode and i added music to it but i am trying to make the music fade when i added a choice how do i do that ? or What do i possibly use


music music_aggropop
volume music 100 0
#some scene stuff
volume music 0 1000 #This will change the sound in 1 seconds
“Choice 1”{
choice 1 stuff


can i use this during a choice?


I believe you can.


do i put ’ music volume’ or ’ volume music ’ because it keeps telling me that i’m doing it wrong


Sorry, you are right. It is volume music.


alright , will it do like the slow fade on the previous song and play the other one your adding?


If you want to start a new song, you’ll have to wait until the first song is over. Or you can use a music with a sound function.


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