If i am already writing a story and the Main Character is a players customized name how do i add that to my story?

So im already on episode 7 of my story called love crisis and i am having trouble trying to add a characters first customized name onto the story :’( Someone please help me

The way you do this is make sure the DISPLAY NAME is the same as the input label you use. Let’s say the display name was NAME. Here is what you would type in for your code…

label first_nameMC

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(NAME)

if (NAME is “”) {

You do need a name...

goto first_nameMC

} else {

Is your name [NAME]?

“Yes, that’s my name.”{
goto Create_CharacterMC
“No, that’s NOT my name.”{
goto first_nameMC

I hope this helps you! :blush:

What if the character was already made ?? I put “you” instead :frowning:

Template story? You’re being really unclear.
If you let people pick a name and then do stuff with the name (which the readers wouldn’t know because they chose their own names) that wouldn’t work very well… You can write you or whatever, but I have no idea what you’re actually trying to do.

cause im trying to add the main characters customized name when im writing. but i never knew how

You write the word you write in the end of the input choice line in the character’s display name, easy.

And how many episodes are you trying to make? Usually people publish after 3/4/5 something like that, and then continue later…

I published up to 5 episodes right now im in my 7th one


But if you already published and there are some people who already started reading, if you’ll give a choice for the name it will just come out weird…

You could give a choice for the name in every episode, so it will all change. (Because if not, when you’ll use the name in dialog, it will come out as [NAME] or whatever name instead of a name people chose for some people who already started reading.)

How do i make that appear? & What dialog do i use?

Any dialog… When you let readers pick names you write it like: [NAME] or whatever name, and it appears as the name they chose. If you didn’t know it, how were you planning to use it?
And it’s not “a kind of dialog” just the regular ones. (Character talking/ thinking/ narrator).

So if i wrote it like this …

label NAME
KATHERINE (talk_happy_smile)
Hey [NAME]
YOU (talk_happy_smile)
Hey Kat.

is that right?

No… Why did you write a label? Just write [NAME] or whatever you chose to write, [NAME] is just an example.

If you don’t even know how to write input choices, you write them like this:

input something you want to ask| something you want to ask| Done (RESULT)

Just write it like that, at the end (where I wrote RESULT) just write whatever you want, that’s what later you’ll use as [RESULT] and you also need to write the question, like What’s your first name? but twice with a | between them.
And always write input at the beginning.

i get it now XD thank you so much! Do you have an instagram btw??

Yeah, but not for stories. So, not really.

its ok , I could still follow you on that account though right??

Thanks to @m-d for the help with this! Resolved and closed :sunny: