If i did a coding/writing/planning class would anyone want to come?

Hey there! I am really looking for some basic opinions on this matter.

I have been coding for a while now i do believe im good at it and im a good writing and planner I have lots of ideas worth sharing!

I simply have a few question on if i started a coding/writing/planning class if anyone would want to join!

If you would be interested please list what you would was each lesson to contain in the following format:

Coding lesson:

Writing lesson:

Planning lesson:

One last perk is that it is completely free I am doing this out of pure love for this part of episode!!!


Yeah If I have time i would!

cool can you tell me what you would look for in each lesson?

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and whether coding writing or planning

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Planning a story and writing!

If I have time I would love too, but could you give a bit more info on what specifics you will be teaching. :grin:

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thats why im asking for suggestions one what you would like in each lesson

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Well In writing probably the dialogues and animations etc and for the planning probably how the story should go or ideas for a plot?

mm ok

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I would be interested in coding and planning

What would you like me to include in the lesson any specifics?

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Alright anyone who wants the lesson send me a dm on insta @cathie_epiwrites

I dm you on insta

fade in’s with zooms tappable overlays and mini games

Give me some time hold on

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Definitely coding!! I’ve gotten pretty decent, but i could definitely use some advice when it comes to making more interesting shots with my directing and i struggle quite a bit with moving or tapable overlays i can never quite get them to do what i want

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