If I lent you my PicMonkey account, read this


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Your right :blush: no one is allowed to destroy other people’s hard work


I know it’s not you, I just had to tag you since you had it


It’s okay I know how you feel :blush:


That’s true Aby! I’m sorry that happened, it was wrong of that person! Thank you for lending your account to me! I only use it now to make pictures for Axel Burn’s instagram! :heart:


I knew it wasn’t you, either. I have a pretty good idea on who it was.


you are 10000% right so sorry that happened once again tysm for letting me use your account it has helped me out with making art a lot
just wanted to tell you i did not steal anything from you and whoever did it should be ashamed of themselfs



Topic closed since this is only going to incite drama. If there is an issue with another user concerning art, contact them over PM. Thanks :slight_smile: