If i restart my phone will the app also reset?


I have an iphone 6 and I’ve re-read a story the maximum number of times but i really want to play it again one last time so i can record it. If i reset my phone will it also reset my progress on the app?



I’m not 100% sure for iPhone, but I think resetting will reset your app. You’ll need to write down your account name and password that Episode gave you (the really long number and letter combination found towards the end of settings). That should bring back all the data for your account.


I highly doubt that… Restarting your phone isn’t too different from restarting a laptop or a computer.


i mean rebooting in which all your stuff is restarted


hi thank you for the reply, I really want to delete all my data because I read a story the max number of times (I re-read a story 6 times lol) and I want to read it again and record it this time. If i download the app on another iphone and use the username and password from that iphone will the data transfer to my phone instead of restarting my phone completely?



I don’t think I’m 100% sure what you are asking, but if you transfer your user name and data, everything should come with it. If you want to reread the story on another device, I would just create a second account.


@episodereaderfan I’m not sure if it would work, as far as I can tell if you have a profile on Episode that means that all your story progress is saved, so even if you got a completely new phone it would stay the same. I don’t know for sure though, I’ve only ever completely rebooted a device (which was my mom’s old iPad to make it mine).


the thing is i don’t want my progress to be saved, i want to start over so i can re read a story. I’ve reached max replays for this story ( I’ve played it 6 times lol)


What story is it? Lol I’m so curious why you want to read a story for the 7th time…


adrenaline lol


Wow! 7 times! Now I’m curious, looks like I will be reading this story (for the first time) as soon as I post this.


omg adrenaline is SOOO GOOD. It’s literally the best story on episode at least in my opinion because I love action stories.


let me know how you like it!


I finished Season 1. Reading Season 2 now. OMG! Words cannot describe how much I love this story.
I have an essay due today, for a college course, and I’m telling myself that as soon as I finish my homework I can read Adrenaline until I fall asleep. Hopefully, I won’t be up too late because I have to work, in the morning lol.
I’ll let u know what I think when I am caught up with the story.
Oh and I see why u read it 7 times.


haha lol. I could read it over and over again. Who’s your favorite person for Liane?


Without question, Victoria. Yours?


Maybe I am speaking too soon. Let’s say so far, without question, Victoria lol.


I like Nick/Nova lol have you been introduced to them yet?


I’m all caught up. But now I’m so confused. I have no idea who I like more. Victoria or Nova. I feel horrible that I actually feel bad for Derek. Does it make me a bad person to want excruciatingly painful deaths to come upon Rose and the King?
Patience will be hard but will be the only way to keep my sanity.
31 chapters later is all due to me trying to figure out where my saves were kept (I know now, btw) and I come across your post. Thank you for that :+1:
Adrenaline has acquired another huge fan!


its so good i can’t deal. I’m playing the andre/nick storyline and idk andre kind of bothers me lol. And OMG i hate rose so freaking much and the king is actually evil and Clive made me so sad. the ending got me so shook.