If I was a Popular Author

What are you bothered by? I wanna understand so I know what you’d do differently as a big author.

It doesn’t matter at this point.

Of course it matters! This post is about what people would do as big authors! I want to understand what would set you apart from the big authors out there now!

I don’t want to start name dropping loads, but I know many, many big authors who do the things you say you’d do.


I’d try to go out of my way sometimes and respond back to my readers.

But what problem would that fix? What would it do? Your fans aren’t reading your story just so you talk to them. They’re reading it because they like your story! What fans deserve is the ability to talk about your story without being shut down about it. But they don’t deserve a message. Why does that matter more than, say, trying to help Episode to make better stories?


And any fan who expects a reply and/or is only a fan so you’ll talk to or promote them? Well they’re only there to use you.


I don’t know. I have different plans and goals; maybe what I would like to do won’t be so different. But, it’s worth a try.

It won’t make any difference at all. You would just be yet another author who tries to fight for the little people against the big problem that’s not your fault. But all of this is completely ignoring the fact that what should really be happening is people who have great stories should get the chance to promote themselves.


Okay. Alright.

Speaking of three years ago, I remember your Classic story! It was a BIG deal back in the day because stories with over 100k reads were rare. I remember seeing it in the TS all the time while my second story was stuck with about 100 reads for several months.
So maybe you can give us some pointers. You’re talking about what you would do now if you were a popular author. What did you do while you were a popular author in the early Episode days? Like how did you reach out to smaller struggling authors? I’m sure you have some great pointers on how you did these things! Especially since there was a huge debate back then about how little visibility smaller authors had back then, and this topic seems really important to you. What were some things you did back then and how would you do things differently now? Maybe your expertise in helping small authors while you were popular can help current popular authors now :smile:


:eyes: Yeah, I’m totally not planning on doing that hahaha :eyes:


First off, I have to thank you for bringing that up because I wasn’t really thinking about what I did back then. You bring up a lot of great points, and if I’m being honest with you, I have no idea how I gained a lot of readers back then. It’s still a shock to me that I have a story with over 100k readers. I don’t brag about it because I don’t feel comfortable doing it. I can tell that I updated frequently while I was writing my first story which was in the classic version. Everything centered around that story while I was writing, and I dedicated my time into it.

One of the keys to having a popular story definitely is frequent updates, and I see that you did. But also, what did you do for smaller authors while you were popular? Which day of the week did you dedicate to reading smaller stories and hidden gems? How did you juggle writing and focusing on your story while also helping smaller authors? Because helping smaller authors now seems to be a big deal to you, which I can respect, and I’m just wondering how you managed being a popular author while helping smaller authors. Do you have any tips for popular authors now? A time management skill to go between pouring through the app for hidden gems while also updating your story regularly that you used to do would be a great tip for other popular authors, so they can be just as dedicated to helping the little guys out like you obviously did since it’s so important to you now! :smile:


Hmmm :thinking:

If I were a popular author, I would probably use my platform to teach others how to create better stories and ways to make writing easier for them. I understand how hard it is to write an episode story when you feel like you don’t have much support and I don’t want other people to feel that way.

Lastly, I would stay humble and I would try my best to answer any messages that were supporting me or asking for advice. :relaxed:


If i was a populair author I would probably just continue to mind my own stuff. Or I would become very rude considering the fact that I’m a rude person


I’d be the same I am now except even dumber

I’m sorry I love you

This is another reason why I avoid blaming bigger authors for the issues when it comes to smaller authors not getting noticed. We all have lives! We have things that get in the way of us doing everything we’d like!


Yes!!! Same :innocent: I love helping other authors in general.

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If I was a popular author, I’d be the same as I am now, I don’t see why it should change anything really.
I also think there is a lot of expectation from people for big authors, unfair expectations if I’m honest. I see here that there is a theme of thinking they should dedicate chunks of their time to promoting smaller authors. I disagree. I think many large authors do this already, but the expectation for them to do it isn’t right. Many of these authors have responsibilities, personal lives, families, college, work etc etc… they don’t owe anyone anything just because they are lucky enough to have worked on a great story and got the reads it takes to make it big on the app.
Some of these authors get hundreds/thousands of DM’s and comments made to them and take their time to respond to as many as they can, so rather than saying they should do more and make time to go out of their way to help others, realise they are human beings who deserve to be treated as such and not always expected to do something else.
Just my opinion on it :woman_shrugging: