If I was a Popular Author

I am trying not to take this thread into a direction I didn’t intend for it to go in :innocent:

So earlier in the thread you mentioned… “I still feel like they should take the time out and have a day dedicated to reading small and new authors’ stories (hidden gems).”

Then later on you say… “I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands because of school; I admit it.”

During your peak on Episode you didn’t have a ton of time but think more popular authors need to dedicate a whole day to Episode in terms of smaller authors? People have lives and some are busier than others. If people have time to read they’ll read.


I don’t wanna go off-topic, but we already did, so I will put my two cents in here.

I agree with everyone who says we all have life and popular authors don’t owe anything to smaller ones. But I keep seeing this debate coming up over and over again, and it often leads to an argument, while I’m sure that the “other side” doesn’t have bad intentions either. I think what bothers some smaller authors is the fact the many big authors only support their friends who don’t actually need any support: they have time to read their contest entries and newly published stories from them, but they don’t have the time to read anything else. I’m personally not bothered by this at all and I can understand it. Moreover I know quite a few exceptions, so I think we should appreciate those authors, and let the others do what they want to do.


I agree that one of the big problems is that a lot of the big authors forget where they came from. They start off by promoting good small stories and then they leave the rest of us behind as if we never mattered. That’s a real problem


I agree with your point. I do understand that popular authors have lives as well as any other author. You’re not wrong.

Just curious, but you say that’s a real problem, why is it? I mean at the end of the day what is the problem caused by them doing that?

No one should be so ungrateful that they forget the people who helped and supported them along the way. Many people do on this app.

Oh I totally agree there, if they were helped to get to where they are and yet don’t feel the need to help those who helped them then of course it’s disrespectful and rude. But at the end of the day does it actually cause a problem, or is it just a behaviour and manners issue?

It definitely adds to the toxicity of the app. It ends in drama, negativity and general mistreatment of smaller authors

I suppose it could influence those of a similar disposition to act that same way. But I would prefer to think that people who see it’s ungrateful and rude to not return the favour that has benefited themselves, would choose to take a better stance on it personally and not behave that way.

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I do have a question, though. Please don’t take it as an attack.

Are you promoting underrated stories now? It’s a good idea to start before you get popular

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Yes, of course.

You know, I really actually liked the beginning of this thread… Authors saying what they wanted to do to help the community… What they would do if they had the chance… I see no point in saying that’s not possible! I can’t wait.
However, now it’s becoming more about what people think big authors should or shouldn’t do and that’s up to no one but the author.

I think it’s awesome that you all have high expectations for yourself, and I truly hope you all become big, popular authors!!
At the same time, that doesn’t mean you can have expectations of others.
They owe you nothing.
Be helpful because you want to be, not because you want something in return.


Bump :innocent:

IF and only IF I was a popular author. I’d just be a nice person to everyone. If by accident I didn’t see a DM, I’m sorry but I’d just address that on Insta saying about school, exams and that kind of stuff. I would promote my favourite smaller author stories - only so I could say how much I loved them - not because they asked me to. I mean, I would have a life - I’m not a robot :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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Everybody is somebody.


If I was a popular author I’d probably make a page on ig for my own story and just post screenshots, edits, shitposts and stupid memes my readers and I make.

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Always keep my fanmail open, reply to questions and whatnot. Hold character contests.


I feel like there are a lot more humble, nice popular authors than cocky, rude ones. It’s just that we spend our time talking about how bad so-and-so is and we never really stop to think about how nice those other 10 authors are. It makes it seem like there are way more bad guys than we think!


I agree with that

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