If I write a story are you will read it?

I’m new here. I’m not good at writing but I want to try. I’ve read episode since 2017. My language is not that good too but it looks fun. If I write a story, will someone read it? I got scared when no one read my story.

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its really really hard to get reads on episode. even with a good story you can struggle I seen amazing story there had been out for mounths and not even hit 100 reads, I have also seen really bad stories be in the featured list.

also with grammar you can get help . you can use a program called grammarly. or ask someone to prof read it for you


of course I will read your story. Any new writer trying to write to write a story for the first time is always on my reading list. I know its going to take a while for u to know the basics of coding but dont worry. Feel free to watch Joseph Evans videos on youtube. If u need a beta reader meaning someone to read it to check, ill be happy to help. :heart:


Hello @Toraa! I’m Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

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I had the same fears and I haven’t even gotten to 100 reads. But it’s a great stress reliever to write and code. Do it because it’s fun. And who knows maybe you can get lucky :slight_smile:

We can do R4R if you ever release the story


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