If INK is not going to be updated eventually, does this mean that we won't be able to use or access it anymore?


I’m just very confused about the whole thing, I’d really appreciate a break down of what is going to happen to INK. I will be so gutted if we won’t be able to access it in the future. I read and replied in support of another thread which was a petition for INK.
Whatever happens, I’m just curious and want an explanation or clarification about the whole thing.
Thanks in advance x


This isn’t a stable thing BUT is cool to worry about it. I heard some discussions about it but I’m not sure. I hope all is gonna be fine. :wink:


Yeah, I hope so too x


If Episode stops updating INK, I’m sure the style will still remain! We do still have Classic and that style is the oldest one. : )


Yeah Classic hasn’t been updated in months and a lot of still use it and we can still access it. Ink still has more updates, but they are only releasing stuff they have already made and I think once all of that is released, it won’t receive anymore updates. Hope this clarifies things a bit more :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, I think I just felt a little anxious about the idea. I love INK


Thanks, yes it does. My brain is good at jumping to the worst conclusions haha. I’m obsessed with the INK art style haha. They are so cute :stuck_out_tongue::flushed:


I believe we still have some more animations and outfits to be released :heart_eyes:


Yay, I’m excited now! :joy:


I really hope they’ll add it more soon!