If it’s an overlay why does it show like this?

If it’s an overlay why does it show like this!?

You need the background to be transparent. You can use Lunapic to cut out the white background or request in art resources for someone to make the background transparent for you. An overlay is a png file and not all png files come with a transparent background.

It was png?, i mean it wouldn’t show me this if it wasn’t an png

Well of course, if you go to overlays section where you’re uploading them it tells you the requirements that an overlay needs to be “a png file and less than 1 MB”

I uploaded this png picture to my gallery from someone that made it for me in episode forums, , and i send it in email to my computer?, could it change to a normal picture in some how?، sorry if im sounding ridiculous .

Honestly, I’d recommend either

  1. Making the background transparent using Lunapic and uploading it
  2. Uploading your image on the Forums in the art resources category and asking someone to make the background transparent for you

If you don’t know how to do it, send me the picture and I’ll make it transparent for you.

Oh. Well thankss

Okayy thank you!

No problem :smile:

Save the image and then it should be transparent.

It’s still the same!?, i mean when i save it and i see it in my gallery its PNG, but when i upload it to my computer it’s a normal picture!

Did you right clicked and selected “save image as…”?

If you open it in your default photo viewer, it wont show that it’s transparent.

Have you tried to upload it as an overlay? I redownloaded it and it worked for me.

I uploaded it in my phone and it worked i dont know why I haven’t thought about it omg!, I’m so sorry if i was annoying but thank you!!

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