If someone need a overlay. You can ask me (CLOSED)

what do you mean about diagonal

now i know it yes i can must it be both hands or one hand?

arm%20(2)1 it must be like that but in x

ok wait a minute

Just take the overlay and spot it in the place where you want to make it in diagnoal

It’s a 7 free day trial but it cost 5$ every month I only change the email and the app is

Go to this link.


yes i have

Hey @Augustina
Could you make me a couple of blanket overlays?
And a pregnancy test overlay?

Can I get the name/link for the texting phone overlay with a hand holding the phone

i want a bed overlay please , like this one.pink%20bed%20overlay

i have this one but i can’t find it when i want to upload it on my overlays , do you by any chance what is the problem ?

sry for the late reply and yes I can

From where did you find the overlay

I have the hand overlay but for the phone I will look forward

I can find one for you but it’s ok for you if it’s in other colour or must it be like the same what ya send?

i found it on google