If there was one thing you could add to Episodes, what would it be?


For me, personally, if I could add one thing to the app, or the script, rather, I would love the ability to upload custom sounds/music.

For me, I’m heavily into orchestral music for games, movies, TV, etc. I’m a firm believer in using it for that medium. And, being that Episodes allows us to create animated stories, I would love to add music that I create on an app on my phone. The music selection for the script isn’t really anything I like, or anything that I feel conveys the mood I wish to present. I could make the orchestral music on that app. But, unfortunately, we can’t upload it.

Going off of that, since it’s technically in the same category, I would love the ability to also upload custom sound effects. Sometimes, I feel the sound effects aren’t quite the sound I want. Perhaps I know I could make the sound myself that I desire, and I could record it for the specific purpose of using in one of my stories. I wish we could upload custom sounds.

But I know, this gets into copyright territory and intellectual property rights and whatnot, so I understand why they can’t necessarily add these. But, a man can dream, can’t he?

What about y’all? If there was something you could add, what would it be?

More hairstyles and clothes ✨
Episode Hair Update

i agree with yours above too ^^

mine would be more body shapes so we can have thicker or thinner characters instead of the already set ones!!


We are rather limited in what we can do. I also feel like the males need more stuff, too. Specifically, I’d say hairstyles. And beards. As a bearded man myself, putting beards in would be nice for male characters.


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I like the idea of custom music, but I guess copyright issues would come up? I also like the idea of more sitting animations, adding pets and more props in ink (but that probably won’t happen).


I would like if they could make the different body shapes happen.


Thanks! Sorry about that! I’ll check that next time I make a thread. Still learning the ropes of this forum.


The copyright issue would be a thing that we’d experience. People might upload songs that would be copyrighted, and that can lead to legal trouble. Like I said, I would create my own music myself for my own story, as I don’t want copyright issues, and no music out there I know of fits my story. But then again, this then could bring up the issue of who owns the music you upload? Would it be you, or would it be Episode Interactive? This could lead to even more issues with intellectual property rights. Like I said, I get why they don’t allow it. I just wish it was there.

Adding more sitting animations would be nice, or just more animations in general. I find myself sometimes unable to find the right animation I need for a part. It would be nice to have more animations, or if people could make them.

Ah, the struggle.


I would separate ‘bad boy’ and ‘loving my gangster’ stories from the trending section of every genre! I’m so fed up with it. It’s been a thing for too long and it makes it harder to find unique stories that are actually amazing.


I understand your points regarding adding your own music. I didn’t realize you meant actually your own music you would create. That is good, but you are right about the IP issues. I know, they need more animations to allow us to more easily tell our stories.


I would add galloping horses. :heart_eyes:
I Love fantasy…


I’d love to create my own outfits :slight_smile:


Would add more japanese styled clothes or “kawaii” type stuff and Alternative clothing(goth/emo/boho etc…) and more natrual hair styles(low afro puffs/better braids tht dont look like the character is balding in betweeen the braids) and more “edgy” hair styles(like the scene and rebel half shaved)

And more backrounds(like already approved ones) it gets old when the characters keep “oooohing” and the screen pans over at the same rooms we see every story.

Id also add a filter option where if u hate a certain story genre u can filter the options u wanna see(checking off bad boy and pregnancy stories makes them not pop up in ur featureds)

More animations there r too many repeating things/ more foods

And better hair styles for guys and clothes too…theres barely any stuff for them

If i think of anymore ill add them…


As someone who loves the whole “cowboy” thing, I’d definitely love horses being put it


That would be cool, but I imagine difficult to do. I don’t know how they make outfits for us to use, but being able to make our own would be really nice. Especially since things like Limelight don’t even have police officer uniforms


Separate the “bad boy” and gang stories? Soooooo like 90% of the stories then? Lol


Yeah, i agree with the hairstyles part. I’d like more variety, especially for the males.

Don’t mind me, everyone. Just on a responding spree.


I wish we could upload props because animating the overlays to act like props is sometimes annoying.


As for features, a censor option.

Or having all Limelight clothing options into INK and vice versa.

And as for items, I’d add all the hidden stuff (ik this doesn’t really count as 1 thing, but a group of things ig)


Yeah, I’d like to make or upload my own props. A rifle would come in handy for my story, but I have to substitute with a handgun. I wish I could have a rifle, but oh well. But yeah, totally agree here