If there were a "reality competition TV show" on Episode, what kind of challenges would you like to see them do?

It’s kind of random, but I had an idea for a story. An example of a challenge would be “truth or dare?”

I would like to see modelling reality TV show on episode

Haute As Hell which was recently completed is a modelling/fashion reality show

I love the ‘face your fear’ challenge. Mazes are pretty cool as well, but a bit difficult. I suggest puzzles that way the reader can pick choices in hopes they don’t get eliminated.

One other I like is similar to truth and dare which is you pull a random card, and have to do that ‘activity’ to keep your team points up. Every time you pass down a challenge, your team looses a point. (none for finishing.) But the dares can be pretty crazy :3


Thanks so much! I had the truth or dare idea, but instead Tea or Dare, where you’d have to spill a secret or do a dare. If neither, you get eliminated. It’s hard to explain what happens next without giving away the details :joy:

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I’d like to see a version of Amazing Race. They have so many cool backgrounds from different countries. You could really put those to use. I started a fan fiction Amazing Race story but I didn’t get a chance to finish it.

Thank you!!

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