If you are a foodie, this is urgent

@_Crystal :exploding_head: Co-founder and my automatically newest best friend, thank you.

Join us in a completely random conversation that does not have a point whatsoever but if you have a plate of grub and your computer to chat in this thread, pick the grub. No brainer really.

  • Random Tags because hey, considering your username, sounds like you’re a total foodie fam.
Tap here for a bunch of yummy snacks to come rushing out of your computer

No but I’m broke


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I’m hungry even tho I just had dinner.

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Well, I–

You have just become my automatically newest best friend.

Here, have some virtual snacks
:pretzel: :cheese: :sandwich: :pizza:

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i’m eating rn :new_moon_with_face:

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You just made me hungry hahahaha


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Thank you! I need them.

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You’re welcome girl!

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


I know that expression, it’s Bless this :>

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A bunch more tags with food usernames:

I’m sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, so take this precious slice of pizza as compensation :pizza:

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lol I like how their name is only “Cake” :skull:


Actually all this food talk is making me even more hungry.

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Hold up imma find more snacks.

Do you have anything that would pair nicely with my ice cream :ice_cream:? It’s so plain and I need to eat

I usually add sprinkles and whip cream. What flavor did you get?

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Coconut :coconut: Wanna join my sundae party?
I also have flavors that you thought weren’t possible to include in a sundae
Melon :melon:
Banana :banana:
Mango :mango:
Apple :apple:
Cherry :cherry:
And more


I think I’ll have
:coconut: + :peach:+ :cookie:+ :doughnut:

I think I’ll have :icecream:+ :cake:+ :cupcake:+ :cookie:+ :doughnut:+ :shaved_ice:

Important poll

  • Yes, it tastes amazing!
  • Depends. I’m kinda neutral about it.
  • No, I think it’s disgusting.

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