If you are a good (the better) coder and artist of the community, click here, we need to talk!

Hi ! :smile:

First, I hope the one who is reading this message is good during this (very) hard period …

I am actually working on a new story (talking about royalty with queen, kings many drama and tea split as we love) but I am not good at coding at all… I have a lot of ideas to share but to do so, I would like someone who is (very) good at coding. I really insist on this point because writing is really important for me so I really need someone who is trained to code : I want the reader to be 100% into the story.

Besides, if you are an artist who can do the cover and some personalized background I will love you even more.

As I said my story is mainly around royalty and inspired by a Netflix serie called Reign so if you know it and, mostly, if you like it I promise you will enjoy to read this story as a proofreader.

Of course, your name will be mentioned in every episode (if you want so) !

I hope to hear of some of you soon.

Thanks and take care of yourself and families. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(PS : sorry for the spelling mistakes I am French and it’s almost midnight :joy: )

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I’m not sure if you are looking for an artist separately but my commisions are open and id love to help you out with your cover… But coding isn’t my strong suit :face_with_hand_over_mouth: drive me nuts. Here is a link to my page. Pm me if your interested :heart:

Art commisions open :art::heart_eyes:

Are you still looking for an artist or coding partner?

I’m brilliant at advanced coding and can do you personalized backgrounds. If you still need someone my Instagram is @samanthaedits.episode or you can pm me here to let me know.
I would love to help and I’m briefly familiar with the Netflix series.