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So guys I would like to know what you would do in these situations.

If you were on a date, would you have your date pay for your meal explain why

If you were watching a video of what guys find unattractive, would you be mad

If you had a boyfriend/girlfriend would you steal money from their card.


I would have my guy pay especially if he asked me out and knowing him he would want to pay and insist and if I try to even pay half he’ll try to sneak the amount of money I paid into my bag or something :joy: he just likes to spoil me too much.

Nah because I have things that I find unattractive about guys :woman_shrugging:t5:

Of course not! I mean he’s my boo thang and he already tries spending money on me and getting me what I want when I want. There’s no point.

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I love your answers, and love you probably. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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:joy: awwwww thank you! :purple_heart::joy: you’re so sweet I would love to get to know you and I love your name as well :rofl::ok_hand:t5:

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i would offer to pay for myself. but expect too. but ofcourse dont mind if he said i should.

i would never search those videos. the guys i date like me for who i am. if he has a problem with how i am he is not the one

i would never steal anything. i am not a thief


Thank you, I would love to know you too.

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Yasssss gurl! Pm me anytime!

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Well I would usually want to pay for us, but I think the best idea is to split the bill.

Okay, I’m confused. I’m dumb lol, do you mean if I would be mad if it listed things that described me? No, even if he/she said he/she does find it unattractive, I would probably just be sad. But I can’t judge lol, I probably find some things of his/her unattractive.

No, but asking them for a good reason maybe. But even if I did ask, I would probably try to return the money back and such.


Your answers are relatable to mine, I couldn’t steal from them.

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Oh yeah if I saw a video of what guys thought was unattractive about me I would probably laugh the whole time and say a list of what I found unattractive about them :clap:t5:


If I were on a date I would not haven my date pay my food, simply because I would feel bad for having someone else use their money on me when I could just use my own money.

No I wouldn’t be mad about a video like that, I would actually enjoy watching a video about that, It’d be nice to know what’s unattractive to guys.

And no I would never steal from the person I would be in a relationship with. I would feel bad enough if someone would offer to buy me something like food or loan me money, so stealing it is out of the question.


Your future boo, gonna love you :kissing_heart::heart::kissing_heart:

It’s nice to have the offer to pay for my meal, but most likely insist on splitting the cost. Nah, those videos I find hilarious. And I would never steal the money. Maybe from my friend if they’re stupid enough to leave me with their credit card… :smirk::smirk: I’m so joking.

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:+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5: :joy::joy:

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honestly, i’d probably split it unless they 100% for sure insisted on paying. but then i’d pay the next.

well i find certain things that guys do unattractive, but i suppose that making a video is kind of immature, but whatever, everyone has preferences. it might make some females more insecure, but i don’t get mad, depending on how he says it.

no, if i can date someone, i can pay for my things, ya know?

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  1. Lmao I pay for myself. I don’t like depending on others, and I prefer to take care of myself and not have others do it. If my date doesn’t have money, I’ll pay for them, but just not every single time we go out.

  2. No, those things don’t really affect me. They are really interesting to watch, though, but every guy has their own preferences (As would every woman, I’m sure) so it’s whatever. \

  3. Nope. I wouldn’t steal from another person intentionally, unless I was trying to play some sort of harmless joke.

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To be honest … I was always the one with money in my earlier relationships. So, I’m used to paying.
When I was dating my husband, we would take turns paying because we’re both equally breadwinners :woman_shrugging:

Hm … no? Most of those videos are silly and assume all men think alike.

No, and I would kick their butt to the curb if they did it to me.

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I would split the total cost (In little words, I would help him paying for the meal because I ate too, and it’s a nice thing to do)

No, there’re things that I don’t like about guys either

Absolutely no

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  1. Well if you asked me out on a date i would expect you to pay. I mean I wouldn’t mind paying, but seriously…who does that? I wouldn’t ask either (I shouldn’t have to), if he doesn’t insist then we’ll just split. I’m very traditional though and also very used to having the guy pay, so my answer is very biased :joy:

  2. Nope, people are free to express what they do/don’t find attractive. I don’t take offense

  3. Never! That’s so wrong. And he’ll probably find out that you stole it when he notices $1000 gone from his account around the same time you bought a pair of red bottoms (bloody shoes)

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