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Hi, guys…
Its your oppucunity that I was finally making this Topic for you and you only. By the way, If you are new and don’t know what things make your story wonderful Then please come here. If you have click this Topic Then you come to the right place to get helped. Just share your story link or story name and author name. If your story is confusing Then Don’t worry, I’ll help ya. I will tell you guys everything you have mistaken. As you spend us the details of your story and we will just read first episode and we will explain which part you have maken mistake. If your story first part is good but still think something is wrong Then We will read episode 2 also.

Thank ya.
Rose Okuchi

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This would go better here.

I don’t understand, what you means?

This thread is in the wrong section. :+1:t6: This section is for Feature + Art Suggestions for the Writers Portal.

(I’m not a new author, but I do have a new story I’d like to share!)


My story is not uploaded i am working on my story and i,m new.

Moved this topic to the Directing Help section of the forums since you are offering help. Please take some time to review our forum tutorial which will better help with understanding where to correctly create topics on the forums. Thanks!

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Okay, Please tell us. In which part you are having trouble or It seems weird to write?

Actually I have issues to my englishhhhh😂

I think I can help ya with that. Don’t worry!

You can just tell me, …In simple English. I’ll told you the correct English form.

Thank ya for helping @Jeremy, as because I have been confused which catagory I should chose.

Thank a lot actually!

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Hey! I’m writing my story too (it is not published yet) and I have the same problem my english. Can you please please please help me with that? I’ll be so grateful with you! :blush:

I can :two_hearts::+1:

I’m currently writing a story, but I would like to make the first chapter interesting. I just don’t know how to start, anyone want to help?

If you can, let me know and I’ll PM you the details!

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Hey, I´m struggling with layering overlays. Can you help me somehow ? Thank you

So to layer overlay all you have to do is put this

@overlay OVERLAY moves to layer #

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Okay! I have a lot of ideas, I can surely help, ya bub!

Thank you so much! I’ll PM you now. :slight_smile:

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