If you are a new writer


So, I’m not an expert but I know things so I want to help people that just start writing stories in episode interactive, I hope I will help you guys🙂

•For sound you got to put:
sound [sound name]

•For music you got to put:
music [music name]

and then (just if you put music) you got to put:
music off

•Basic zoom:
@zoom on CHARACTER to 200% in 0

•Advanced zoom:
@zoom on 38 136 to 100% in 2 —> [seconds]

Changing hairstyle/lipstick color/dress
• To change the dress to a character you have to:
@CHARACTER changes into Dress 1

•To change the hairstyle to a character you have to:
@CHARACTER changes hair into Monday Morning Updo

•To change the lipstick color to a character you have to:
@CHARACTER changes mouth color into Bordeaux

•To make a character leave is pretty easy:
@CHARACTER exits left/right

•To make him leave while running, walking…:
@CHARACTER exits left/right AND CHARACTER does it while [animation]

•Make him be already on the scene:

@CHARACTER stands screen right/left in zone 1/2/3/4 at layer -2/-1/0/1/2 AND CHARACTER faces left/right

•To choose in which spot you want him:
@CHARACTER spot 1.280 145 90 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces left —> you choose the spot, zone and where you want him to be facing

*I hope this little tutorial helped :slightly_smiling_face:, if you have more question just ask in the comments


You are very unclear about some of the things…

for example, try writing spotting like:

@CHARACTER spot SCALE X Y in zone # at layer #

walking to spot:

@CHARACTER walks to spot SCALE X Y in S

layers go from 0 to whatever number you want, can be 20,

y is from top to bottom and x is from left to right.

you can find all the numbers for those in the directing helper (app or web preview)

s is the number of seconds it takes the character to walk.

@Stella2003 Try taking this as an advice as to how to explain stuff like those better.:eyes:


That’s just what I was thinking! It was quite unclear that there were specific numbers; some newbies might go type in those numbers because they think that’s the exact way they’re supposed to when in reality, it’s not.


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