If you are an android user can you open the links?

As y’all know Episode updated the app in February and took away: the profiles, links to friends stories, fan mails etc. They said that they just removed 2 things but there were more than 2 things but IDC. So, after like 2 months of waiting(or even more) we have profiles back. But I still can’t open links. It takes me to the app, not to the story itself. It’s been so long that I feel like I am the only one who can’t still open the links. I promised to read my friends stories once I can open the links(and most of them published their stories around February and March). I feel like they will finish their stories and I still won’t be able to read them.

So, I want to know if I am the only one who can’t open links? It’s been like almost 4 months or something.

  • Yes. You are the only one who can’t open links.
  • I can’t open them too :frowning:

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Same. It takes me to the app or just keeps downloading. But for some stories, it works.

Hell yeah…Even I can’t :cold_sweat:

I once tried after they came back again but it was stuck on the loading screen. Loading and loading for eternity. So no. You’re not the only one.

The links were working for me for a little while from the previous update, but have stopped working since. I have sent a ticket to episode, but the response was less than helpful :unamused:

What is their response?

Not sure what any of that has to do with taking features away to be honest :woman_shrugging: