If you are interested in being a co-writer let me know as soon as possible P.S i need you to be good at coding

If you are good at coding i would love to have you as a co-writer but i need to know ASAP if you are interest i would love to have my first story out by the end of the week email me if interested and I do (ink) maybe I’ll do (LL)

let me give a five points to ask for working with a partner,

first dont use email, at least not as a start, the forum have private message, use that to talk to each other, dont give your email to strangers on the internet

second a week? I am a pro coder, and I cant have a chapter done in a week, and I have denfently more time than anyone els here. which is kinda sad, that I dont have anything to do in my life

last maybe give an idea of what your writing, if you want it written in a week, it most means you already have a plot, dialogue, characters, you didn’t even tell what genre you wanna write in,

most people who wanna code a story for someone els, offer to do it because they like the story idea.

I am not gonna offer myself, but if I did I would wanna know what I sign op for,and if its a story idea I even like,

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Ok thank you so much and I am writing a story on rivals it’s a mafia story I have characters and I only wanted the first 3episodes published but it’s taking me a little long because I have to have 400 lines for each. But my story is called The Rivalis (rivals in Italian ). I am opened to other ideas for my story and if my co writer needs time then take all the time you need

see, 400 lines is not even much its like 3 minutes. I always aim for 1000 as a minimum, but its usally over, the one I am working now is over 2000.

I think your best idea, is to completely drop the idea of having it out in week, because if you can have 3 chapter finish in a week, it will be garbage. that is not to be rude its reality, people who do that often, have bad dialogue, and directing mistakes. its better to wait with publish, and publish without mistakes

also it sound like you dont even have a story. if you want someone to code for you it means you have to make the plot, write the story.

listen I know, writing is hard, codeing is super hard, but we all put work into it. you cant depend on someone els to write a good story for you. if they do 80% of the work, they might as well cut you out and do 100%.

there is nothing wrong with asking for help, we here on the forum is always happy to help, but if its your story you have to do most of the work yourself.

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Your right I already started the three chapters but making them do this is hard I already started writing and your right thank u

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its hard for everyone. but if you have to direct mistakes dont be afraid to ask for help. and if you haven’t already there are many tutorials online.

also a good advice, before you publish get a few people to read and review your story. its important to hear others opinions.

Thank you so much and i have watched so many tutorials and some of it is easy but its hard to code

Hey there! I can’t help with coding :slightly_frowning_face: but I can help with reviewing or developing the story plot more for you! :smile:

I hope you find the right coding partner for you!

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I would love some more ideas for my story

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Sure! Just message me privately and we can figure something out :))

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Can u message me privately first I’m still new to this so i don’t know how yet

Sure! I don’t mind