If you are pro in Episode stories, help me with mine ❤

Hey guys! My story is almost two months in Episode App and it makes actually very slow progress - 230 reads.
I think something is wrong there :sleepy: Maybe spelling, maybe directing I don’t know so I need your help! Can you please read my story and tell my mistakes? I will be SO FREAKING GRATEFUL :heart_eyes: I’ll try my best fixing them! My Instagram page: diormie (or you can text me here in episode community).
Thank y’all :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

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Umm, I’m creating my own story, but I cant use the emotions for my characters. How do I use them?? Please help someone!!:frowning:

If you want to have dialogue with an emotion:

CHARACTER (behavior)
This is what I'm going to say.

If you just want the emotion:

@CHARACTER is behavior

Also, I suggest checking out Joseph Evan’s YouTube tutorials!


Also, 230 reads is a lot for only a couple months. I use very complex directing, near perfect grammar, and my story hasn’t even hit 200!


I agree, that’s a pretty good start. I’m sure the number will continue to grow naturally as you release more chapters.

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Thank you! I really thought that I was doing something wrong… And I hope you will find your readers :kissing_closed_eyes: I’m going to read it right now!

Yo use the character behavior

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I only get 78 don’t worry

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Can you tell the name of your story? :relaxed:

Cold hearted wolf

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BTW, my story’s name is Small Town Secrets

I have already read your story and its amazing honestly!:blue_heart:

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If you need any help with animation, Spot directing, or Choices… PM me! c:
I am pretty sure I could help!

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Oh, I just started reading that on the weekend

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Hey! I need help too.
I published a story.
About 4 people read past episode 7.
But, a week later. I added a LOT of stuff to episode 7.
The things I added were REALLY important.
Would the 4 people not be able to read what I just written?

If you didn’t update episode 8 yet they would have to reread episode 7 when you update your story